Get to know us

Our Story

A Gridiron club started in 2015, Griffith Thunder based out of Griffith Uni, Nathan Campus. In that time the club has won 3 Sunbowls, Men's in 2018 and Women's in 2019 and 2020.

Following the 2020 season, the club took a brief 2-year break, until our current committee decided in 2022 they wanted the challenge of bringing the Thunder back!

People and culture

At our club, we put a massive emphasis on our people and culture. We believe by bringing the right people in and developing a positive culture, we can achieve our goals:

  • Creating players who make the state and national team

  • Creating players who go further with football

We believe we can do this by making sure the following things are followed for everyone at our club:

  • Everyone gets better

  • Everyone enjoys playing football

Liam Price

President/General Manager

Philip kern

Vice President

jess lew


Richard Francia


2023 Thunder Committee